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Voice-Over Talent

Whether you’re a Fortune 500, small/midsize, or nonprofit business, I’m committed to breathing life into your project.

San Francisco Bay Area-based voice actor Michael Saunders offers voice-over talent services specializing in explainer videos, eLearning modules, podcast promos, technical user guides, corporate training and sales presentations, B2B/B2C digital advertising, mobile app promos, industrial compliance/safety videos, and more!

Praised for his convincing, conversational style, his voice has been described as “warm, friendly, smooth and trustworthy”.

Let's Talk About
Your Project!
I will...


Have a phone or VC discussion with client to understand PP requirements, goals


Review script or draft video, listen to scratch tracks


Lay down VO takes for post/final cut, detailed editing via DAW


Provide audio files to client via email, cloud file-sharing service

Are You Ready For Your Project To Come To Life? Let's Go!