Quick Facts

  • Training: Voicetrax SF, private instruction with noted coaches and industry professionals

  • Professional grade audio equipment

  • Streamlined, no-hassle client intake process

  • Attuned to client ideas and vision

  • Directable and flexible

  • Broad range; polished corporate presentations and technical narration to down-to-earth “every man”

  • Directed sessions available via Skype

  • Delighted clients from: Technology, Food Manufacturing, Real Estate, Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Products, Government, Legal Profession and Banking

  • Partnerships with experienced audio-visual engineers

  • Connected, reachable, reliable. I will respond to requests to hire a voice over talent in 2-4 hours

  • Spent nearly 20 years in large enterprise tech/telecom operations management

We hired Michael Saunders for the strength of his voice, his understanding of our goals and vision, his credentials and ability to answer our scope of work. I’m thrilled to tell you our homework paid off.